Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Update on Wichita County Schools

Ya' know Leoti is a small town when you know that the big adventure of the day is taking a trip around the new school. When construction first began, you just needed to drive down Indian Road, which seperates the former junior high from the high school that was just built in 1971. Now, you need to completely drive around the block where the junior high and the new dome schools are located.

I told you last week that the old windows were being removed from the old gym and were being replaced with new, more efficient windows. There is no longer as much glass in that section as before. Instead, brick takes the place of some of the glass and has now been "wrapped around" the exterior walls. This work is very near completion. It looks so very nice!

There is a great deal of work being done on the other side of the building. Old windows are coming out of the junior high and new windows are taking their place.

The "castle", as the kids call it, has been stuccoed and will be ready for paint once the stucco has cured completely. The castle is actually the entrance into the new school. It is located on the west side of the building. It houses 3 doors which some of the kids think will "never do" because there is "so much traffic" with all of the grade school kids, teachers and parents. Personally, I think that it will work just greatly!

Full-length glass doors are now erected in each classroom. These are doors that will be used for exiting the class. I ASSUME that they will be used for students going out to recess and coming back from recess. It would be a great deal, as far as I am concerned. There would be fewer disturbances for the other classes.

Sheet rock has been going up for awhile now.

The new concrete parking area just to the west of the old junior high has now cured and contractors are able to park their equipment there.

All in all, it is easy for me to think that the buildings will be ready for school very soon. Classes will not be held there until the 2011-2012 school year.


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