Thursday, July 14, 2011


You folks in Northwest Kansas better enjoy your 99 degree weather today! That is the coolest weather coming up for people in Western Kansas. I see no moisture on the horizon for us either.

Here are the highs for Western Kansas:

Thursday: 99/102

Friday: 102/104

Saturday: 103/105

Sunday: 103/104

Monday: 101/102

Tuesday: 100/101

Wednesday: 101/105

Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback paid a visit to Southwest Kansas yesterday to survey the damage by the long-lived drought. He mentioned that many of our crops here are worse than they were in the Dirty 30's. Though the farmers are doing all that they can to produce ample amounts of grain for the world, the extreme heat and lack of moisture are not allowing the crops to do well. ON TV last night, pictures were taken of wheat that did no grow even as high as a man's knee. For those of you who do not live in the Wheat Belt, this is extremely short wheat. Instead of the wheat kernels being long and full, they are short and just blow away like dust. Awhile ago, Gov. Brownback declared our area as a natural disaster. Pretty scary, don't you think?

So what can be done to fix this situation? A great deal of prayers and a whole lot of faith is the only cure.

A farmer in Southwest Kansas told us last week that some of us wheat crops were destroyed by the weather. His best crops produced 15 bushels per acre--not good. All in all, his wheat averaged 8 bushels to the acre. A terrible shortage of money is what he will be facing for the next year. A much larger price at the grocery stores all over for products that require grain such as bread, pastas, cereals... In other words, we'll all pay the price.


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