Saturday, July 9, 2011

Wichita County Lodging

If you still need a place to stay during the 2011 Free Fair or want to set up reservations for the Free Fair of 2012, here are some folks you may want to call.

Hi Plains Motel
Bruce and Rhonda Endorf
620.375.2239 or 620.375.4438

Beds and Breakfasts

Vic and Deb Case

Ken and Sue Schwindt

Leta Berning and Kathy Bangerter
620.375.2200 or 620.375.2651

Lots for Parking Campers:

Gene and Billie Biel

Bruce and Rhonda Endorf
620.375.2239 or 620.375.4438

If you find that these people are already booked, please leave a comment here, call me at 620.375.4584 or send an email to me at . I'll send additional information.

Also, if any local people are interested in loaning out bedrooms, etc, please contact me and I will post these here if you want me to or I will give your information to those people whom call or email me for more lodging options.

Thank you!!!


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