Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Wonderful Few Days

Chris Campbell-Knowles arrived at our home on Wednesday afternoon. She stayed with us until very early this morning. We had a grand ol' time! Much conversation and laughter was shared. She absolutely spoiled us!!! While she was here, we were very fortunate to have shared here with Grandma, Mama, my sisters and all of the kids. Everyone just loved it!!! I am afraid that we were not able to provide her with the luxury that she is accustumed to but she didn't appear to mind. All of us are hoping that she will return much sooner than later.

Her many travels continue again tomorrow. She will arrive back to her home in California tonight. Tomorrow morning, her family will board their jet and fly to Australia for 3 weeks. We wish them the best! They deserve it. All year long, they give so very much to the people whom they love and many organizations throughout the world. They really make a difference in the quality of life for so very many people.

Love you, Chris!!!

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