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Fashion Designer Carolyn Wang's Packing Tips

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I hope you are enjoying your Friday and ready for the weekend! My colleague Alicia forwarded me your email of your interest in packing tips for your blog! Carolyn Wang is the perfect source for that advice!

Just a little more information on Carolyn Wang, she is an associate designer for the fashion brand Ming Wang in New York City and owner and stylist at the Bridge Boutique in Fort Worth, Texas.

Most recently, Carolyn appeared on NBC’s “New York Live” at Full-Figured Fashion Week. You can view this clip here: She regularly blogs about fashion tips here:

Below, please find key tips in traveling with style from Carolyn Wang.

Let me know if you have any questions and let me know when you plan on posting. We will keep a lookout for it as well.

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1. Always have your key wardrobe staples on hand.

I can tell you that wherever the destination may be, the goal is to always wear everything you pack. That may rule out packing your favorite outfit, but it may also push you to focus on selecting your best-fitting, travel-friendly separates.

A good multipurpose item is a black blazer. Aside from the sheer versatility black offers, you can instantly change your look from dressy to casual with the help of just a few accessories. Black trousers are also a good multipurpose item that you could dress for any occasion

A great example is the Ming Wang Trouser Pant. This pant runs XS-XL and can be found in department stores such as Dillards, Von Maur, Nordstrom, and other high end specialty boutiques across the US.

2. Only pack fabrics that are easy to travel with.

Three “musts” come to mind: comfortable, washable and wrinkle-free. Look for knit fabrics like 100% acrylic yarn, nylon, polyester and wool knit for example. Additionally, cotton/poly, cotton/lycra or rayon blends are often made with treatments that that will help keep them wrinkle-free.
Ming Wang has the best knits for travel due to the fact that it’s breathable, washable and time saving. One of my clients travels about four times a month for her business and swears by the Ming Wang Collections.

3. Color-coordinate and lay out your outfits before putting things in your suitcase.

I definitely recommend color coordinating because you never know what you feel like wearing at a specific time. You want to choose one neutral color, such as black or brown…most popular being black. It makes life easy; especially when you’re trying to decide what pieces will make the cut. If you pack a few bottoms like a jean, black pant and skirt that fit and flatter your figure, you will have more room in your suit case for mixing colorful jackets and tanks.

Ming Wang is known for her vibrant and versatile colors throughout all her collections. When you travel, you always want to bring timeless staple pieces with you that you are comfortable in.

4. Look like you packed more than you really did!

By investing in the right key pieces you can dress the best and fool even your best friend into thinking you just hit a major shopping spree! A great start would be a flattering black dress that can be accessorized and appear different each and every time you slip it on. Ming Wang offers multiple black dresses that are a staple to ones wardrobe.

For example, change pearls to a turquoise-chunky necklace, pumps to sandals, and a silk scarf to a denim jacket. I have been wearing the same Black Dress from Ming Wang since 2003 when I first started with the company as a free lance designer. I have grown to rely on this staple black dress for work, parties, and outings.

Another item is a quality black tank and bottom. With a chic well fitting black tank, pant or skirt you can mix casual and dressy jackets that cost $50 dollars and still look like you spent a fortune. But don’t stop there…add a belt to your waist, change your hair, hand bag and jewelry for a new fashionable style without the cost!

5. Make your clothes go from day to night.

A clean, crisp, white button-down shirt is a safe fashion “do” for any occasion. Wear it fitted, closed and tucked in to a chic pair of black pants for work then change into blue jeans for happy hour with the girls. You can also leave it tucked out and open with a natural or color shell under for a fresh new style.

You can also get some fantastic mileage out of a black knee-length skirt. Depending on the body type of the woman, the style may vary from straight, A-line or novelty. The skirt is a fast way to appear polished, feminine and fashionable.

For work, a sweater set is perfect! For parties, a great skirt with a white tee, pearls and pumps is fun and flirty. For casual, simply change into a pair of flats and a denim jacket and you’re comfortable all day long!


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