Sunday, July 17, 2011

Bibles Needed

Not everyone in the world has access to Bibles. I think that we would all agree that our world is in crisis at this time. Everyone needs Someone and something to provide strength and hope.

On Wednesday evening, GAP members will be spending the night at Christ Covenant. It will be a great and fun event for all involved. Kevin Larson, the Youth Minister of Christ Covenant, is the sponsor for the junior and senior high members. Right now, he is asking that Bibles be donated to GAP so that they can be shipped to Christians overseas. These do NOT need to be brand new. If you have a Bible at your home that you have replaced with a different Bible, your older one would be greatly appreciated. You can drop these off at Christ Covenant or contact us and we will pick them up from you and take them to the church on Wednesday.



Thank you!!!!!!!!!


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