Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Folks, I am sorry to have to tell you that there still does not appear to be a break in our latest weather temperature pattern. Right now, the Scott County Fair is going on through Sunday. The Wichita County Fair begins next Wednesday. Looks like we'll be melting--again.

Western Kansas
Tonight's low is going to be 70-73. We have a 50% chance of RAIN.

Thursday: 98-105 Lows: 70-73

Friday: 100-104 Lows: 69-71

Saturday: 98-102 Lows: 66-71

Sunday: 98-102 Lows: 66-71

Monday: 97-103 Lows: 67-71

Tuesday: 99-104 Lows: 67-71

Wednesday: 99-104 Lows: ??

In 6 months (January)we just might be having an ice storm. Does that make you feel any better about the extreme heat??? LOL!!!


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