Friday, July 8, 2011

Project is Complete

As you know, I began removing the enamel off of our dining room table last Saturday and Sunday. (Did I tell you that we did it with NAIL POLISH REMOVER???) Well, we did and it worked extremely well and left no residue that needed to be cleaned up like many normal paint and varnish removers require. Though our table is large, we still used less than a regular-sized bottle of remover.

After I sanded everything down and applied the new stain, I moved on to the finish--lacquer. I applied the first coat of stain late Wednesday afternoon. I applied the first coat of lacquer Wednesday afternoon. Yesterday, I was not at home very much but I still managed to apply two more coats. I lightly sanded (by hand) the rough areas last night. It was absolutely NO big deal and did not take long. DO NOT USE AN ELECTRIC SANDER. You do not need that kind of pressure for this. This morning, I have applied the final coat of lacquer. Let me tell you, the table is GORGEOUS!

Though I had been dreading all of the work involved, I am sooo glad that I went through with it anyway! Our finished product should last for many years. Someday, I assume, it will be passed on to our son or one of our daughters.

If you have never done a project such as this, let me give you some advice. Don't tackle a large project first. Find a shelf or small table to begin with. Go through all of the steps. If you feel confident with how you did on it, move on to larger projects. Who knows? You just might become an addict just like I am! LOL!!!

More often that not, I always have a new project waiting in the wings. That is the case now, too. Soon, I will stripping off the black enamel that I painted on our living room coffee table and end tables. This should not take long to do. After that, I will stain them to match their sides and legs. Lacquer will come next. Again, I am sure that I will update you on that progress...


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