Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Another Blogging Moment in Time

I'm doing my best right now not to drive.  My neurologist has cautioned me against it until after my surgery.  Depending upon others to drive me from place to place is a real hassle.  I didn't know how much I relied on being able to drive myself around until I couldn't do it again.

My mom and I decided to run to Scott City for pizza this afternoon.  We decided that we would take our van and Mama would drive it.  All had gone well.  We went straight to Pizza Hut--no problem.  But after lunch, we decided to go to the Scott County Library.  Mama parked the van in front of the building, turned off the van before we attempted to exit the vehicle.  Thats when it happened the first time...we couldn't unlock the doors.  We've never had the problem before.  For several minutes, Mama poked the electrical button after she turned the van back on.  Still, it just clicked.  I don't know what she did but whatever it was, the doors were unlocked.  We assumed that this was just a one time thing.  We spent approximately an hour in the library.

Once we were finished, we returned to the van.  My mother could not wait to pick up a bowl of soup and a donut at a nearby convenience store.  Once we arrived there, my mom hit the unlock door button again.  And, again, the doors remained locked.  Over and over, she hit the button.  Over and over, the doors refused to unlock.  My mom then hit the electric button to open her window.  Once it was open, she reached out to try to unlock the door.  I told this lady with a masters degree in education, that the door would not open on either side if the lock is in place.  For some reason, she didn't believe me.  It was at that time, I discovered that four elderly gentlemen were taking glee at watching us struggle to get out of our vehicle.  I was SOOOO embarrassed!  When I pointed this out to my anguished mother, she took a look at the quad and urged them to come out of the store and help us get the heck out. Of course she would have felt awful had they been able to hear her. This really made me laugh even harder.  This really ticked Mama off even more.  LOL!!!

I don't know what happened but the doors FINALLY opened.  For Mama and me, it didn't happen any time too soon...


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