Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Deer and Drought-Proof Plants

Here it is, not even February yet, and we are already having temperatures in the upper 60s and possibly 70s!  Incredible!  We have flowering plants coming up all over the place!  Our lilac bushes are beginning to bud too.  No.  I don't think winter is over yet but it sure does get you in the mood for returning to the yard and getting things ready for spring.

Last year, I did some research on what plants we could plant that would stand up to our summer heat and drought.  I found some plants but not what I would consider to be a whole lot of them.  Then this morning, I opened our email and discovered that we had a new email from Great Garden Plants.  One of their main topics this time is none other than "Deer and Drought-Proof Plants".  I was glad to see this.  Upon opening it, I was shocked at all of the flowers, perennials (plants that come back year after year), shrubs and trees that are now available for places like us in Zone 5.

In case you're interested, please go to http://www.greatgardenplants.com .  Once there, you'll find the following:

Deer and drought-proof plants (including flowering plants, shrubs and trees)


Hedge plants

Rose bushes

Shade perennials

Sun perennials

Trees and shrubs

In other words, they are spotlighting almost every type of plant out there.  Personally, we have ordered from this company before and have been quite pleased with their products.

Word to the wise:  Drought-proof plants still require watering from us for the first year.


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