Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Mmm, Mmm...Good!!

One of our family's places we just LOVE to go to is Manitou Springs, which is just barely west of Colorado Springs, Colorado. It is a lovely little town that has shop after shop after... Many of these shops sell various types of artwork that are created right there. Quaint restaurants are also sprinkled throughout town. They serve food from all around the world there. And don't forget that there are several springs located there. Each one's water tastes different from the next one. Ya' ought to try each of them. Years ago, my uncle, aunt and their children lived in Colorado Springs. Every week or so, they'd gather their empty jars with lids and go to Manitou Springs to bring back their favorite spring water. People still do that today!

We discovered a new shop last weekend. We'll definitely be visiting it again and again! It is called Goldminers Nuts and Candy. The owners, who have been in business there for decades, sell both their own candies and some candy that is made by other companies that we can't always find everywhere. For instance, they sell all flavors of Jelly Bellies. Just recently, they've opened a new shop in Fort Carson just east of Colorado Springs. They even sell fresh nuts that are warmed and ready to go when you get there. The day we were there, we tried cinnamon coated almonds. So good!

We purchased the BEST peanut brittle and fudge we've ever had there. The brittle is so nice and tender. You don't break your teeth off when you bite into it! It is wonderfully fresh!

This family owned and operated business is famous for their specialty chocolates, licorice from all over the world, jalapeno fudge, peanut brittle... They also sell novelty gifts. And don't forget that they sell candy covered ants, worms, etc!

If this sounds good but you're not going to be in Manitou right now, no problem! They're happy to ship their candy, etc to you!

Here are the particulars:

Goldminers Nuts and Candy
110 Canon Ave #B
Manitou Springs, Colorado 80829

Go to their website:


They also have a video in which the family walks you through their shop. If you're ready to make an order to be shipped to your home, send your email to


Or call them at the following numbers:



Tell 'em Lynn sent you!

Enjoy yourself!!!


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