Monday, January 2, 2012

Outstanding Movie

On New Years Eve, the girls and I decided to see what movies were being offered on Pay-Per-View. We were glad to see that the 2011 hit, THE HELP, was available. We clicked on it and prepared to watch it.

Now I know that I have told just about everyone out there that our eldest daughter, Leighlyn, is color blind. In her blindness, she is able to see the colors, red, blue, yellow, green and all of the shades of each of those colors. So what makes her color blind? The fact that when she looks at a human being, they are all the same color. She looks into the interior of their soul--not the exterior that they became over the years. One of the reasons that her blindness developed was because, when she was just a kindergartner, she purchased her first book on the hero, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. That was just the beginning of her collection of his biographies that she continues to add to to this day.

So after THE HELP came out, it only made sense that she (and us) should watch this movie. My mother had already read the book and was totally impressed with every word written in it. So, anyway, the three of us curl up together and begin watching from the very beginning to the very end. Not once, did any of us get up to go to the bathroom, to get a drink, nothing. We were totally gripped by the movie. I do not know when the last movie was that we were so involved with the storyline.

As the story began unfolding, I was so disgusted at what Americans did to their own people. And this was AFTER President Abraham Lincon had lost his life because he was trying to free the slaves and give them lives filled with dignity. I cannot imagine what horror the slaves must have endured in a day to day basis. Honestly, I don't want to know.

Now I don't want any of you to get the idea that all white-skinned people were cruel and inhumane to the people of color. There were still a large number of them out there who were still fighting for their civil rights. Some of them were actually brave enough to walk side by side with them in peace marches, etc. That was a huge differnece than that what our laws dictated. I couldn't believe it when the movie pointed out that, at no time, was a dark skin to touch white skin. How absurd!!! When a black person served a cup of tea or coffee to his employer, etc, his/her skin could never come into contact with the white's skin.

People of color could not use the same bathroom as white people. Many employers of these people actually dedicated certain bathrooms for the total use of only their servants. Why? Because some whites believed that the colored people carried certain infectious diseases that the other races did not. Stupidity!

I was very proud of one white couple portrayed in this movie. I would have loved to have met them and others who reacted like them. The lady whom they'd hired to teach the wife how to clean, cook, do the laundry and ironing, actually treated her like a HUMAN BEING! Even crazier for that time period, they became FRIENDS!!! Wow! Its a wonder that their neighbors didn't tar and feather them and send them on their way elsehere! Their employee was actually invited to share meals with them on their very own dining room table. Today, a multitude of people of various races sitting at the table in the U.S., is no big deal. But can you imagine what kind of scandel that was back then??? Because of the beliefs and bravery of people like them, our world is changing and becoming the way God intended. Folks, we still have a long way to go though. You and I can both help to make it even better. We don't need a white world. We don't need a black world. What we do need is a grey world where all races are blended together and become one.

I could go on and on and on about the education that this movie provided us with but that would not be fair to you. I strongly urge that every red blooded American out there, no matter what color of skin you were born with, watch this movie and/or read the book. I believe that no matter who you are, your heart will crack or totally break as you do it.

My opinion of this movie? If you haven't already concluded that already, it was TOTALLY AWESOME!!! And as for my daughters, they felt the same way and were also shocked at how people with dark skin were treated. It makes all of us want to go out and do whatever we can to make others' lives happier and more complete. Each and every one of us should afford each and every civil right as the person next to us has.

Read this book or watch the movie...please. A whole new world will open up for you and how you may have felt.


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