Sunday, January 1, 2012

School Resumes

Christmas vacation ends in Wichita County tomorrow. Teachers will return to work tomorrow morning. School doors re-open on Tuesday morning at 8:00. Be extra careful when you are driving out there. Because we have spring-like weather headed our way, a lot of kids will be walking to school and back home in the afternoons.

In the beginning, after the blizzard ended, I saw no chance that we would see our snow melt before Spring. But since warmer temperatures made their way to us last week, a major melt-down is underway. Though there is still some snow on parts of the ground and we still have snowdrifts, everything is shrinking. Last night, someone was stuck over here in our neighborhood. I look for a good deal more people getting stuck for awhile.

Fortunately for us, a man arrived at our house the day before Christmas Eve with a handy, dandy Bobcat. He scraped our parking lot completely. The snow was piled up at the northern edge of our property which will be great for our Buffalo Grass when the moisture is absorbed into the ground there! The rest of our parking lot is completely dry now. We sure can't complain about that!


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