Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New School Dress Code???

If you have seen some of the Wichita County Elementary School students this week, this question may have crossed your mind.

Monday was "Get a Kick Out of Reading Day". Students and teachers could wear any kind of boots to school that they wanted to that day.

Tuesday is "Snuggle Up with a Good Book Day". You got it. All students and teachers were invited to wear their night clothes to school. Abi thought that was pretty cool! She thought that kids could sleep in a little while longer since they didn't need to wear their regular clothes to school.

Wednesday is "Hats Off to Reading Day". Hats of any kind can be worn to school but please make sure that the hats are appropriate for youth.

Thursday is "Sock it to Reading Day". Send your student to school with mismatched socks, ugly socks, etc. Also, everyone is invited to donate a pair of new socks that will be kept at school. Sock Tree will be set up.

Friday is "Score with Books Day". Students should wear the school colors to school. A Read-In is also scheduled for the day. This will be great for another reason too. It is also the high school's Winter Sports Homecoming.

Elementary students will be performing at the high school gym from 6:10 to 6:15. Each student will get a free pass to the game that night.

January 9th through the 13th is Catch the Spirit of Reading Week. Students have really enjoyed all of this.


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