Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Air and Water Tight Food, etc. Storage Idea

My mother-in-law, Joyce Blau, John's wife, was ahead of herself going Green as we call it now. She went out of her way to come up with additional uses for everyday items so that they performed double duty before being discarded. I think that she would have loved this idea!!! You can use this bottle neck and lid over and over again!

Zippered food storage bags are great but they can be expensive if you need to use a lot of them. Here's a new idea that was sent to me via email that I just had to share with you! Thank you E.B.!!!

To incorporate these uses, you will need personal bottles from soda pop, water, juice, anything that uses a twist-on cap. The personal-sized bottles will be used for quart size bags. For gallon-sized bags, use 2-liter bottles, etc. Use a knife and cut the portion of the bottle that includes the neck and about an inch of the "fat" part of the bottle off of the bottle.

Now, place your food or whatever into a regular everyday food storage bag. Run the top of the bag through the bottle neck and pull the edges of the plastic bag around the bottle top. Once this is in place, take the bottle's lid and twist it over the bottle again. Now, your bag's contents are air and water tight.

Of course since I am a germ-a-phobe, I recommend washing the bottle neck and lid, inside and outside, drying them thoroughly before using for this technique.

Now, wasn't that easy???


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