Thursday, January 20, 2011

Economical and Environmentally Safe Method for Cleaning Your House, Etc.

I decided to gather more information on the usage of vinegar. Some cleaning formulas include water, salt or baking soda. Other uses require just pure vinegar. Most of the agents necessary are items that most of us keep at home anyway.

VINEGAR ACTUALLY DESTROYS MOST MOLDS, GERMS AND BACTERIA! How, you ask? The acidity of the substance is what kills it.

I was SHOCKED at just what all vinegar will clean for us (even our body)! You can use it to clean and deodorize your refrigerators and freezers, clean your kitchen and bathroom countertops, remove the filth from the inside of your oven door windows, laundry, remove lime deposits, removal of soap scum, etc., etc., etc...

Here are just 2 of the many great websites that you might be interested in checking into:

Happy Cleaning!!!


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