Monday, January 24, 2011

New Medicine Planner

I just felt that I needed to blog this information for anyone out there who require daily doses of medication. I take A LOT of prescription drugs every morning and night. Rather than take a pill out of this bottle, 3 out of another bottle... it is much easier to set up my weekly doses. Then, I just take the medicine planner and remove each morning and evening's doses as needed.

Since 2002 when I began needing so many medications every day, I have used about 4 different planners. None of them impressed me as much as this new one that Danley found for me. It, too, is set up for 4 doses of pills every day for 7 days. But, it has room for a bunch of pills for each dose. What really makes this planner unique is the fact that each dose comes complete with a lid that is lifted by just pushing a button! This would be especially great for anyone who has arthritis, etc in his hands.

I assume that this type can be purchased anywhere. We found mine at Wal-Mart. Through the years, my former planner served me well. Then, about a month ago, the lids began breaking off of the planner. I am glad that we were able to find this planner to replace it!

Anyway, just something that I thought you might be interested in buying for yourself...


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