Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday Travel

Well, Mama, Lars and I drove to Hays this morning to pick Lori up at the hospital and bring her home. We were okay going to Hays. Once we got to Scott City, we turned north. A few miles south of Oakley, things took a turn for the worse. Heavy snow with strong winds blew all of the way to Hays. Before we left Hays, we picked up medicine for Lori and then headed this way. Coming home was considerably worse. Snow got heavier and heavier and winds got stronger. Ice formed on the passing lanes of I-70. Anyway, we arrived safely at home just before 6:00. We were very thankful that we arrived home before dark.

Anyway, I would strongly recommend that you gather weather information and road conditions before you strike out for the next couple of days.

Colby, Ks has already called school off for tomorrow, Tuesday. So far, that is the only cancellation that I am aware of. If Wichita County schools will be closed, I will let you know as soon as possible.


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