Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Coffee Pot Slow and Sluggish?

Well, CLEAN IT!!!

Danley has been complaining for the past few mornings that our coffee pot just keeps getting slower and slower... We've probably all heard that we need to run water with a couple of tablespoons of white vinegar through it to remove any lime build-up from time to time. I decided to go OVERBOARD with the amount of vinegar and I'm glad that I did! I filled the coffee pot carafe with approximately 1 inch of vinegar before I filled it up with water.

The first pot of vinegar and water that I ran through the coffee maker produced some great results! A BUNCH of big chunks and littler pieces came falling out of it. I decided to do it again. Again, I used the same ratio of water and vinegar. Still, I was astonished by the lime that was discharged. This time, a piece that was at least 1/4 inch around, of course it was jaggly so I cannot give you the EXACT measurements, was dislodged into the carafe. Each time that I ran the mixture through the pot, the machine became faster and faster. Now it is as fast as it was when it was new. If you decide to do this at home or at your office, remember to always flush the "used water" down the drain--don't re-use it in the coffeemaker. Use fresh water and vinegar each time. Once you are satisfied with the speed of your machine, pour another pot of straight water into the maker so that the machine will be vinegar free and will not cause you to have coffee with the delightful flavor of vinegar. LOL!

To maintain this newly found speed, we will be running at least a couple of tablespoons of vinegar through the coffeemaker at least once a month now.

Don't forget that vinegar is also great when used in dishwashers. Run a cup of it through an empty dishwasher at least once a month to remove any lime there. Some people have told me that they run vinegar through the dishwasher every time that they do a load of dishes. Just use your own judgement.

Vinegar is cheap and all-natural.


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