Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Real Life Continued

Earlier today, I copied an email from our email box to my blog. It was titled Real Life. I owe anyone who might have read it a BIG apology! I quickly read through it as an email. Unfortunately, I did not read it thoroughly. Tonight, I went through it and other email that we received today. I was horrified by some of the content of Real Life!!! I admit that there were some things I totally agree with such as

1. No job is beneath any of us.

2. None of us should expect to begin our careers right after high school and expect to be paid $60,000.00 a year right off of the bat.

What really blew me away tonight was when I read such things as having to clean up after children. I waited all of my life for children. Taking care of them is anything but a chore. I LOVE IT!!! My children are my gifts sent directly from God. I am actually one of those mothers who totally dreads my kids moving out when it is time to go to college.

The email mentioned that you're either a winner or a loser and that all begins in school. Oh, my gosh!!! PLEASE do not believe that that is what I am all about!!! I hated school with a passion!!! I never ever felt the urge to "apply myself". My grades showed it, too! LOL!!! The last thing that I wanted to be considered then or now was as a loser!!! Honestly, I really regret that I did not put more effort into my education.

Another thing is that my very own mother is a wonderful teacher and has been teaching since before I was born. That email would have really upset her. I, for one, am VERY happy that there is a large variety of "special classes" that are available to help all children learn. Every last one of us learns in our own ways. That is just one of the many things that makes us interesting!

Anyway, please accept my apology for that post that I copied here!!! Once I had it copied in a post, I should have gone through it and erased the things that I did not agree with!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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