Monday, January 24, 2011

Star Theatre Movie Passes

While we were working at the theatre last night, we learned of bulk movie passes that anyone and everyone can purchase. You pay one price, get a movie ticket that is punched by the cashier every time that you come to see a movie. You can also buy these passes and give them to your loved ones as a gift!

If you purchase a ticket for 5 movies for $20.00, you'll see an extra movie for FREE. Ordinarily, an adult would spend $25.00 for 5 movies if he paid for his tickets as he went to the movies.

If you purchase a ticket for 10 movies for $40.00, you'll get to see TWO movies FREE of charge. Otherwise, you would spend $50.00 for 10 movies. I assume that you can purchase one ticket and let the family share it. You should call the phone number at the bottom of this email to ask about that.

These prices are in effect for adults who are 13-years-old and older, however, children can use them also.

If you are interested in purchasing these tickets, please call the Greeley County Community Development Office in Tribune at 620-376-2548.


you can drop by the Greeley County Community Development Office at 510 Broadway.

Just thought that you might want to have this information since these tickets can really save you some money!


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