Friday, October 23, 2009

Be Aware

As you know, I have been writing ALOT about the flu epidemic that has engulfed Wichita County. Steps have been taken to close down the schools, thrift shop, etc in order for people to heal more rapidly. I am so very thankful for those things! I am very hopeful that people are doing the right thing--keeping everyone at home. As far as our family here is concerned, both girls are having temperatures much closer to normal. Their laughter has returned and they are acting much more natural again. Praise the Lord!!!

However, not everyone is improving. Others are just now starting to have the flu symptoms, both the intestinal and the respiratory.

My mother, has had the flu for awhile also. For the most part, she was fever-free and just had the respiratory side of this virus. However, during the past few days, she has become worse. She has a practically constant cough and fever now. Fortunately, my sister Lori, called the clinic today and asked if she could make an appointment for our mom. She explained that she thought that Mama now has a sinus infection. As you know, the local clinics and hospitals ae not wanting people to come in with the flu symptoms because there is not anything that can be done. That is true UNLESS the flu has gone on to cause more severe problems.

My mom was given an appointment. Once there, it was discovered that she now has very severe bronchitis that is on the verge of pneumonia. Antibiotics were prescribed and she was sent home with orders of strict bed rest. If she gets worse within the next couple of days, she is to come to the emergency room IMMEDIATELY. Our family would GREATLY appreciate your prayers for her! She is a very ill lady right now.

If you or your loved ones feel that you are getting worse or develop new symptoms, it would be in your best interest to call your local health authorities for their advice. Good news! The hospitals are always open 24- hours- a- day! As I told you earlier, if a fever does not go down even after fever medications have been given or after a LUKEWARM bath, call the doctor. If the fever is accompanied by severe neck and/or ear pain, CALL YOUR DOCTOR IMMEDIATELY!!!


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