Tuesday, October 27, 2009

For what my opinion is worth...LOL!!!

As most of you know, Leoti's new cafe, Route 96, opened a week ago today. Until today, we have never been able to check it out since so much illness has been going on at home. However, today, my mom and I decided to order lunch to go. The lunch specials sounded really good! My mom chose the meatloaf special which also sounded very good to me but since I don't believe that all meatloaves are created equally, Mama's meatloaf spoiled me, I chose to go the safe way--a chicken fry.

When I called in our order, the lady on the phone told me that I should expect our lunch to be ready for pick-up in 15 minutes. Fifteen minutes later, I arived at the cafe. Though it was only 11:30, a good crowd had already arrived to eat. I fully anticipated that our meal would understandably be a bit later than originally anticipated. Instead, the meals were already to go.

The cafe really looks nice! Its amazing how much different a place can look after a fresh coat of paint, new carpet and three new windows are in place. Before, the rooms always seemed so cold and dismal when the concrete floors were visible. This carpeting has really warmed up the ambiance, so to speak. Anyone who knows me knows that I am really into interior design and decorating. I can tell you that I was not disappointed in how the cafe looks. Its been tastefully put together. Its the kind of place where "normal" people will be comfortable.

Now then, the way that I was dressed, was a different story...My father is Pat Elder. He couldn't have cared less about how someone looked. He never noticed if they were wearing thousand dollar outfits or if they had just donned clothes that were yesteryears' fashion. What counted to him was the person INSIDE the garments. Fortunately or unfortunately, I followed in his footsteps. Very seldom did he actually dress up. Usually, he wore a pair of jeans and a shirt that may have been filled with little holes from welding sparks, paint and tar splatters that were common with his occupation, carpentry. As much as my family despices, I normally do not dress up either. Its normal for you to find me wearing shorts...sweats...something that usually has paint on it from one of my many paint jobs. JUst about all of the year's 365 days, I'm wearing a pair of light blue slip on clogs. Yeppers, that's right. I dress like that day in and day out unless I am going out of town, to church or some other special function. Today was no different. I dressed in an orange and yellow tee shirt that has gone through several different paint jobs all with different colors of paint, a pair of beige shorts that have been through different paint acts, a mid-length winter coat and the topping of the outfit (or should I say, the bottoming) was my light blue clogs. I looked about as snazzy as possible. LOL! I kinda learned a lesson today though. I actually felt abit displaced there. So, from now on, I will put on a nicer pair of jeans and a CLEAN tee shirt. I probably won't park my light blue clogs though...

Mama's meatloaf looked and tasted great! As soon as I saw my chicken fry, my memory was transported back to Mrs. Fuller's Steakhouse in downtown Horace, Ks.--just outside of Tribune. She made the BEST chicken fries ever! My fork easily slid through my meat. The flavor was astonishing!!! Not a bit of grissell could be found. I still cannot believe that the Route's chicken fry tastes just as wonderful and perfect as Mrs' Fuller's! I ordered a baked potato with my steak. It, too, was perfectly prepared but I learned that they are not available until after 5:00 p.m. That, too, is quite understandable. Our white gravy was homemade and divine. The texas toast was quite tender and tasty. We were quite impresed with the prices! Both of us ate a very good meal with very ample servings for only $16.00! I will be trying out their breakfasts some other time. You can count on me to give my opinion on it also. I have already heard that people LOVE their breakfasts just as well as lunch and dinner! So, my advice is that you owe it to yourself to come and check the new cafe out. I think that you'll be quite happy that you did!

They are open from 6-2:00 a.m. and 5-9:00 p.m. CST every day!!! For take-out orders, etc, please call them at 620-375-2400.


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  1. Don And I ate the off the hot bar and it was very tasty even got desert with it. I pray that everyone will give it a chance I know that we will be back.


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