Saturday, October 10, 2009

Record Breaking Temperatures in Wichita County

Today, Saturday, we are experiencing an ice storm. This is the earliest ice storm that I can recall since my birthday on October 29th, 1979. That's 30 years!!! More ice and snow are expected throughout the whole weekend!

As a result of the ice, there was a car accident on the bridge by Caprock, north of town during the night. Since then, people are falling all over the place. Think it might be a good time to stay at home???

Radios were reporting yesterday that the temperatures for Autumn in this part of the country have been breaking many, MANY records. Autumn has not been this cold since the 20th century!!!


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  1. Yes it is cold and dreery today. This is the earliest I can rember it getting this cold this early usualy it is around the end of October. Have heard many stories about accident this morning.Hope if you hear more you will post it. Thank you.


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