Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My reply

As always, I appreciate everyone's comments. I may not always agree with them but that is life.

No. Having the school shut down for a couple of days is not going to make the virus just magically disappear. I believe that this stuff moved in here little by little and now, lot by lot. I am sure that it will go out in just the same ways.

We also know that this virus is not just affecting school children. People who hardly ever come into contact with children are also very sick. So...yes, this is community wide. But, as long as parents are willing to send their kids to school while they are not 100% well, this virus is just going to keep spinning and spinning around going from one person to the next. Leighlyn missed school all of last week. We could have sent her back to school on Thursday but we decided against it. School was going to be closed on Friday. We knew that there were still alot of people sick with this at school so why risk sending her to school for one day and then have her sick all over again. I stand by our decision. So, by Saturday, she was as good as new. We sent her back to school Monday morning. Then, when she got home, her temp was elevated again. All day today, I have fought her fever by alternativg Tylenol and Motrin. As of 30 minutes ago, her temp is up to 102.2 again. Honestly, I believe that had she not gone to school yesterday, she would still be fine tonight. Her body hurts so badly that she is crying. The vomiting has returned not to mention her cough.

I called the hospital AGAIN tonight when Leighlyn became worse. After hearing of her symptoms, the nurse called the doctor on call who advised that Leighlyn not come to the hospital unless after two days, she is no better. Of course, if she starts having breathing difficulties or has pain in her ears, she needs to get to the doctor right away.

No, the school is not responsible for her illness.

The parents who don't keep their kids home from school when they are sick are responsible.

The parents who allow their kids to go downtown when they are sick are responsible.

The parents who allow their unhealthy kids to go over to friends' houses are responsible.

The adults who go to work when they are running fevers and hacking all over the place are responsible for keeping this virus going. I know, people must make money but should it be at the cost of making other people ill?

I KNOW that our schools' staffs are working very diligently to sanitize everything as well as they can. I guess what I am trying to convey is that if people are not responsible enough to keep their sick at home, then maybe someone else should make the decision for them.

Our community thrift shop is usually open every Tuesday and Friday. Today, it was closed down because of all of the people who continue to come in and shop while they are not well. I applaud the powers-that-be of the thrift shop! Who knows how many well people they protected today by not having them exposed to the sick who would have undoubtedly shown up to shop!

Maybe I am a wee bit radical on this subject. If I have offended you, I apologize. But, stop and think about my perspective for just a few seconds. My children are my world. They're my life. I am like every other parent, I cannot stand to see them ill. But, then lets go just one little step further. I have major heart, lung, circulatory system problems that can cause my death very easily. Whenever I am around contagious people, my chances of becoming seriously ill are multiplied. Yes, people with my health problems are supposed to have vaccinations to repel seasonal flu and H1N1. However, enough seasonal flu vaccine serum has not arrived in Leoti yet. I will keep calling until the next batch has arrived. So far, H1N1 serum has not even made it to Leoti yet as far as I am aware.



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