Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Lynn's ANGRY

Part of the reason that I established this blog was to be a form of therapy for myself. It has definitely helped!

Now, today, I return to my trusty keyboard to discuss my feelings of anger and dismay this morning.

As I told you yesterday, parents chose not to send their children to school yesterday because of illness. We kept Abigayle home. By noon yesterday, OVER ONE HUNDRED kids from grade school and high school were sent home because they were sick. That is NOT to say that the ones who stayed in school were feeling dandy. As soon as Leighlyn got off of the school bus, I could tell just by looking at her that she was sick AGAIN. Yep, her temp was 100 degrees and her whole body ached. Of course, meds were given to her to take the fever down as well as to treat the new batch of symptoms, cough, messed up nose, horrible headache, etc. During the night, her temp went up to 102 degrees at one point. At 7;00 this morning it was down to 101. She still thinks that she is freezing.

As you know, she no longer had a fever and was feeling back to normal except for still being tired way before the weekend started. Now, look what happened after being back to school for just ONE day!!!

Can someone PLEASE tell me WHY it is imperative that we not cancel school at this time? I know of at least one teacher who is sick with this junk. What's going to happen when all of the teachers and subs are sick??? When a classroom of usually 23 kids is down to 6 or 7, the teacher goes from being a professional educator to glorified babysitter. I DON'T GET IT!!!

Yes, I know that the custodians are doing their best ro rid the school of the nasties. They're even spraying each and every locker handle with Lysol, etc. My non-professional opinion is that is not going to be enough. Common sense tells me that the kids and teachers need to stay home and recuperate while the necessary cleaning is done at the schools. My God! I am concerned about our children's defenses being down because of these viruses and then when H1N1 comes around, they will have no natural way of fighting it at all!!!

Tell me what you think or better yet, call the people who make these decisions!!!

We are blessed with such fine people at our Health Department and School Board Office but this is one decision I just cannot wrap my head around!!!



  1. I think 1 or 2 days of staying home is not enough for these kids to get rid of this junk. All schools are doing what they can and they need all the help they can get from the parents. I really don't think they get thisjunk as you call it from school, have you thought that maybe it comes from home? I really think we need to save the school snow days for when we really need them we still have a whole winter to go through.But please keep your kids home as long as you can to prevent the germs from spreading to others.

  2. I think that the school district has to follow rules as far as closing school. I have also heard that the CDC does NOT recommend that schools close because of the illness. The fact is, even if they close school, the virus will still exist and children and adults will still be ill from it. The H1N1 virus is in the community. To try and control the spread, those that are ill need to stay at home and rest.


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