Friday, October 30, 2009

Weather event here

First of all, I want to thank everyone who sent me email or left birthday wishes in my blog's comments for me yesterday! Between those and my FACEBOOK buddies, I don't know when so many people took the time to be so kind in wishing me a great day!!! I also cannot tell you how much your sentimental comments mean to me as well. Sometimes, I am concerned that I might sound like a bawling baby at my end.

On to the weather...anyone who lives in our vicinity knows that fairly heavy rain returned to Wichita County on Wednesday night. Then, snow hit yesterday afternoon. It continued through late last night in town. It was just BEAUTIFUL!!! I LOVE the snow! Here in town, I doubt that we ended up with an inch but Goodland reported 4.8" and 4 miles west of Oakley had 4.0". It's getting closer to us! LOL! The winds have roared since last night here. The country roads as well as the dirt roads in town are BAD. My brudder-in-law, Leif Christensen, spent his whole day yesterday rescuing Seaboard trucks. His crew continued that throughout the night also.

I am also VERY thankful to our City of Leoti crew!!! For approximately the past two years, Aaron Matteson took over as City Superintendant. He is sooo good about making sure that Leoti runs smoothly in all aspects that he is concerned in. One of his main jobs is continuosly taking care of our streets in town. His employees are amongst the best that I have ever seen our City have. They work so diligently to make sure that our roads are smooth and in good repair. This really helps when we are bombarded with lots of moisture. Right now, they aren't as great as they were last week at this time but they are as good as what we can expect when we do not have paved streets. Thank you to Aaron and the WHOLE City crew!!! So many times, you appear to have a thankless job, just know that many of us notice the incredible work that you do everyday. Unfortunately, it seems that many of us don't bother to take time out to honor someone with their positive doings but we don't seem to have any problem tearing into people when they do something not quite like we want. Ugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A few years ago, much of Kansas including us, had record-breaking Fall and Winter weather that really destroyed alot of dirt roads in town as well as in the country. Many of us who live or have dealings north of the railroad tracks in Leoti, were quite put out about the condition of our streets. Finally, a band of us from "A" Street and I attended a City Council meeting to complain. So many times since then I have been so thankful for the results that the Council put into motion for us. Roads were crowned which allowed water to run off of them instead of the flat roads that we had which just held all of the moisture on top until it eventually soaked in. On Second Street where we live, huge craters existed. I kid you not, one evening some of our family were on their way to our house for dinner. Just as they got ready to turn to our street, A BOY RAISED HIS HEAD out of one of the holes that also contained two other boys!!! If he would not have raised his head when he did, my family would not have known that they were there and would've run over them!!! That Council also hired Jones' Construction and my brudder-in-law, Leif, to place two dips in the street which runs just south of our house. They allow for better water drainage and also were placed there to slow down the major speeding that we had been having there for several years. We were so very concerned about someone getting run over.

Welcome to Winter!!!


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