Sunday, October 4, 2009

Tragedy--Part 2

Earlier, I mentioned that a young man lost his life last night, October 3rd, while attending an after-wedding party at a house on the Wichita/Logan County line. He has been identified as Kris Glazier. He was the son of Joe and Shauna Glazier of Tribune.

Today in church, a relative of his shared with the congregation that his death was a suicide. He stepped out in front of a moving vehicle. Unfortunately, his girlfriend, Tori Jeffries of Leoti, reportedly witnessed the whole thing but was unable to prevent it from happening.

Please pray for everyone concerned!

At times when these unthinkable things happen, it is more-than-ever imperative that we let the survivors know that we are thinking of them.

Here are mailing addresses for the parents and his girlfriend:

Joe and Shawna Glazier
320 Ingalls
Tribune, Ks.

Tori Jeffries
302 West "J" Street
Leoti, Ks.

Don't forget that Leoti has great florists now! To arrange to send flowers, plants, etc., call the LadyBug at 620-375-2172. I believe that Tribune also has a flower shop. When I post this, I am going to attempt to get that information for those whom are interested. If I find that information, I will post a new article on my blog.

I will also post his funeral information when that info is made available.


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