Friday, October 30, 2009

Lynn's CRITIQUE on the RBSES Halloween Concert.

Today, October 30th, the RBSES Kindergarten through Sixth Graders gathered in the grade school gym for the the Third Annual Halloween Concert. Their vocal music instructor, Mrs. Jayme (Brown) Bishop, is a very gifted and dedicated teacher.

I took Grandma, Neva Kiefer-Duncan and my mom with me. Fortunately, we arrived at about 2:15 for the 2:30 performance! As early as we got there, people were having to walk 2 and 3 blocks to get to the school because of the high traffic caused by the concert. Thankfully, I have a permanent Handicap plackert so we were able to park at the curb right next to the gym doors. Once inside, very little available sitting space exhisted. People just seemed to continue to pour into the gym. All of the benches were full, many people sat on the floor or stood against the walls.

Grandma reminisced that there was a medicore crowd at the first concert, a much larger crowd last year but this year was much larger than we had anticipated. Jayme is the one who originated this particular concert in Leoti. As people hear the great things that others have to say about this and the other concerts that Jayme directs, more and more townspeople come out to enjoy them. I know that I have said this before, but I must say it again, Leoti is sooo very fortunate to have such talented and hardworking music professionals in our schools!

Today's concert was a delight to attend! Each grade sang one song. All grades' singers were very audible and understandable. They put out a very cute and enjoyable performance! Whenever a large group of children gather, there is a tendency for the kids not on stage to be loud and at times, annoying. In this case, the students who are not on stage, sit patiently on the gym floor. They are very quiet throughout the whole production. It is evident to see that they have learned to respect their vocal teacher and their fellow students.

My advice to you is to attend any and all of the music concerts that Jayme, Torie and Allen put on for the public. A GREAT deal of work and tears go into each performance. Their dedication shows when you see the quality of the performances time after time...


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