Tuesday, October 27, 2009

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As you already know, I was really torn up over the phone call that I received Sunday evening. As if the call itself was not bad enough, it came at a time when I was really feeling down and out. I am sure that the two coupled together did me no good.

Since I published that entry on Sunday, I have received several comments on my blog itself, email and have either had people talk to me directly or to Stan. I CANNOT tell you how much each and every comment meant to me! The person who was upset with me has never ever been my biggest fan so I don't know why I was so shocked about his/her phone call. I am a super-sensitive person who takes EVERYTHING to heart. Since I don't go out of my way to hurt others, I can't quite grasp the concept of others finding delight in such things. But, we can't all be appreciated by the people in our lives so I will just accept his/her opinion of me and go on with my life. That's just how the cookie crumbles. Right???

There will be some changes from this point on. I never intended for this to be a "gossip rag" as it was described. Whatever I post is never to hurt or damage ANYONE!!! So, from now on, if you feel the urge to slam anyone besides me with your comments, PLEASE do not add the comment to my blog. I just want to provide information that I think people might appreciate or at least enjoy reading. I want NO ONE persecuted here. LOL!!! Of course, I still want your comments!!! You don't know how much I value them even if you don't always agree with my opinion on a certain matter. Diversity of opinions makes our world interesting, don't ya' think?

As always, I will continue to publish the current Tribune--movie--of--the--weekend whenever I am able to get the information. Normally, I get that info from the theatre's answering machine but it is not always updated. I am sure that the managers have better things to do than to make sure that I am abreast of the movie. LOL!!!

I will continue publishing the obituaries for people from or related to people in Wichita, Greeley and Scott Counties.

I WILL NO LONGER add any birth, engagement, wedding or illness announcements unless the involved people notify me of their desire to have it posted in my blog!!! I definitely do not want to trample upon anyone's toes.

I WILL, however, post information that you want me to. If that is the case, please call me at 620-375-4584 or send me an email at slblaus@gmail.com

If there are any other bits of information that you are interested in reading here, please let me know and I will do my best to get it for you as long as no one gets hurt in the process.

From time to time, I am sure that there will be more add-ons than at other times. Because of my various health conditions, I am not supposed to be outside if the temperature is below 40 degrees or above 80 degrees. So...when I am indoors, I will probably be writing extra stories, etc.

I sooo very much appreciate each and every one of you who takes prescious time out of your very busy schedules to check into my blog!!!

Sincerely yours,



  1. This is my person. As all of should know that some of your news is helpful if people just weren't so crital and the rest is news that we enjoy. Everyone should be thankful that you take the time to do this. Don't let this keep you from doing as your doing.
    Glad your feeling better and your family.
    Have a good day

  2. Just wanted to comment on the new cafe.
    It is so nice and lots of room. The food was good and the help was nice. The first day they were a little slow but the food was worth waiting for.When they get all the bugs worked I.m sure its going to be an up scale place to eat.
    You've got to try it


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