Monday, October 5, 2009

Dennis and Susan Elder--10/05/09

Susan sent out an email this morning filled with great news!

They have now been at their lakehouse for a week! Dennis and Susan are really enjoying being together at home! Today, he was taking a nap outside while the temperature was cool. Susan was enjoying watching hummingbirds as she wrote the email. Can you imagine how much better that environment is versus in a hospital room somewhere???

Dennis' cough has improved considerably but we still need to pray for the cough to completely cease. His pain is a constant but the edge has been taken off and it is controlled now with the new pain meds that are focused on his nerve endings. Praise the Lord!!!

He is eating very well now and is now asking for foods he hasn't wanted in a long time.

Dennis and Susan want everyone to know that they so appreciate all of the birthday cards, get well cards, letters, phone calls, texts, visits, etc. Susan wishes that we could all see the great joy and happiness that Dennis has now that he knows how much all of us love him! By the way, the previously returned mail is now getting to Dennis and Susan. (Why, oh we wait until someone is so ill before we take out the time to let them know that we love and care for them??? No one is guaranteed tomorrow so it is vitally important that we express our love TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!)

Dennis' birthday was very good! Some friends took them out to eat. It was so nice to be out and about for them!

Susan is very thankful that God blessed her with the strength that she has needed for all of this. (Personally, I cannot imagine any better cheerleader for Dennis than Susan! She's a real doll! God has really blessed all of us by bringing Susan into our lives!!!)

Please continue to pray for Dennis and Susan and showing your love and support through the following up and down days as he recovers from the traumatic illness and surgery ahead of him.


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