Saturday, October 3, 2009

Our kitchen sink

Boy, aren't I just really tickling you to death today with my helpful household tips???

In my previous article, I mentioned cleaning our dishes with Lime-Away today. I washed these dishes in the Lime-Away water in our stainless steel sink. Something interesting began to happen almost immediately! The lime-away water was cleaning our sink like nothing before! After the dishes were finished and put away, I squirted our store-brand of Lime-Away into the sink and scrubbed gently. Some spots demanded to be cleaned with my steel wool pad. After the first sink was cleaned and rinsed, we compared it to the other sink next to it. WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!! Needless to say, I repeated the cleansing process in the other sink.

After both sinks were cleaned and rinsed, I ran a towel in them. They are now shining like mirrors! I am very impressed considering the fact that the sinks are almost 20 years old.

Give it a try sometime.


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