Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Route 96 is now OPEN

Route 96, our new and great cafe, just opened the door for business this week! I have heard so very many GREAT things about it! People are commenting on how customers just keeping showing up throughout the day. There seems to be no dull moments there!

We will not be able to try it out until all of us are well again but in the meantime, we are enjoying hearing the various comments from people who have been there. Amongst things that I have heard is how attractive the decor is. How BIG it looks now since the building was overhauled. The food is wonderful and fresh. The wait staff is very professional and johnny-on-the-spot. The list goes on and on...

They are open EVERY DAY from 6-2:00 and 5-9:00. Route 96 is located in the VFW building on the east side of town.

Come and enjoy!!!


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