Sunday, October 25, 2009


As I said earlier, I was sick and going back to bed after my previous blog edition. That did not prevent me from getting a phone call from an upset relative of mine. After listening to what she/he had to say, I have decided that my blog must come to an end effective immediately. Let me explain why and offer my apologies to anyone whom I may have offended with my blog.

As you know, I wrote about birth announcements, engagement and wedding announcements. NEVER ONCE did I place that info on my blog UNTIL it was published in The Leoti Standard. I believe that passing something like that out BEFORE it has been formally announced in a periodical is just plain wrong. I also mentioned various events that were happening in our family's lives. Tonight, I was scorned for doing so. The person who called believed that much of my information is a breach of privacy to those concerned and nothing less or more than gossip. I am so very sorry for infringing on anyone's privacy.

Of course, I NEVER would have made comments about who was dating who, who was getting a divorce, etc. That would have been way over the limit as far as I was concerned. In the past, my family and I have been extremely hurt by things that people said about us that were about as untrue as anything could ever be. I sincerely never wanted to do the same thing to anyone else.

Since my writings have become detrimental to some, I believe that it is time for me to simply bow out. I cannot tell you how much I have enjoyed writing to you every day! What a thrill it has been to me to receive your email, comments, phone calls and visits on the street about what you thought of what I wrote. I honestly felt like I was making a POSITIVE difference. Now, I find out that it was negative instead.

I am sorry to the ones whom I have upset!

Good-bye, my family and friends.



  1. Do what you want Lynn. No one has to read your blog unless they want to. I enjoy reading it since we moved away. I for one will miss and expect to get more emails instead of your blog. I say...KEEP IT COMING

  2. Lynn dont stop writting what ya feel just because someone else doesnt like it..This is freedom of speech.. You know it didnt bother the Leoti Standard to print my husbands name in dj's help wanted.. No matter how much i called up there i never got a reply of why or how come. U know it is freedom of press and dang it dont stop.. Ilearn alot about whats going on whos gettin married who passed away.. Who messed up whos life by making a wrong business decision when they were warned not to go into business with him.. You are a great writer and i truly wish you wouldnt stop. People are going to talk but just because u get under one persons skin doesnt mean you should take ur own rights away to something you love doing. Think about it i love reading your blog. You did the memorial for Dennis's nephew it is a way we can find out things that normally we would have never known about. Dont stop writting!!!!!

    Dennis and Jeanette Miller

  3. Lynn,
    This is the conflict that we get for having fredom of speach. You do a wonderful job as our paper don't tell us anything. I have been so upset with it. we don't hear a word about how the jr. games are doing. I just found out by accident that are going to the volleyball tourament. Get Well and please contiune to write as this is a way of knowing whats going on.

  4. Lynn, I moved away from Leoti about 20 years ago and since I don't get the Leoti Standard anymore I haven't been able to keep up on what is going on in the community. I read your blog everyday and enjoy it. I hope you change your mind and continue to write.

  5. Lynn, Don't let one negative cancel all the positives. People have a right to their opinion but that does not necessarily make them right. You do not have to stop writing. A lot of people enjoy your blog and WANT to be updated. I've been gone from Leoti for about 25 years and I love knowing what is going on.

  6. Lynn - I left Leoti almost 35 years ago, live in Europe and love reading your blog on a daily basis. Please do not allow the opinions of so few to keep you from something you obviously enjoy and which means a great deal to your followers. Read, reread and take to heart the posted comments - your blog means a great deal more than I think you realize. Feel better and then rethink.

  7. Lynn,

    No matter what you do or say you are bound to upset someone. Don't let one negative comment overshadow all the positive comments. If writing is therapy for you, then I say keep writing. That relative doesn't have to read your blog. If it upsets them so why do they take the time to log in and check what is on there.

    Adrienne Burch


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