Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Bit of Winter Humor

I just heard the cutest thing today and I thought that since you might also need a chuckle or two, I should post it here! This is a true story that happened right here in Leoti.

A family that consists of three children, decided that they wanted to build a snowman this week. The children involved are 15, 10 and 3-years-old. The youngest one soon got tired of building in the cold outside so he chucked it in and went indoors. The older two siblings continued to create their snowman while a neighborhood dog watched on.

oon after the snowman was finished, the little boy went to the window and took a glance. Boy! Was he impressed! He called for his parents to come and take a look at the creation that he claimed total responsibility for building. LOL! His parents were quite happy with what they saw.

After awhile, the little boy decided that he would put on his coat and boots and go outside so that he could take a closer look at how "Frosty" looked on all sides. His family watched as a look of horror came across the 3-year-old's little face. He ran into the house and exclaimed to his family that the snowman was ALIVE! You're probably wanting to know where the child got this idea, right? Well, it seems as if the neighborhood dog eventually made its way to take a closer look also. While he was there, he pooped right next to Frosty. The little tyke is sticking to his story. Frosty is alive and well (and pooping) in their front yard.

I just thought that you might get a kick out of this story.


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