Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Latest on Our Winter Weather

I just received information that our storm is officially over. We might have snow flurries but that is about all. Traffic on highways is very minimal. Some of our neighbors attempted to leave their property and go elsewhere. It was a futile attempt. They appear to be more stuck now than they were to begin with. If you don't have to be out and about, STAY PUT! A little bit of traffic is on the roads. What little there is, I've been told is moving extremely slowly. I am confident that the State, County and City departments are out there cutting through all of the drifts, etc. Just be patient. You'll be out soon enough.

This storm is a perfect example of how we must be ready for anything. I think that a good portion of us now realize that we need to have plenty of food stored up for events such as this.

I don't know how many stores in Leoti are open right now. I do know that Dollar General is open. Maybe if you have dogs and a sled, you might actually be able to get to it. LOL!!!

I seriously doubt that emergency workers in our area can get to houses to pick up anyone sick or injured very quickly. Stay inside. Working in the snow is a dangerous activity for many of us. It can definitely bring on heart attacks, etc. Is it really worth it to you to be out there scooping snow right now?

Stay safe!


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