Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A G-r-e-a-t B--I--G Thank-you!!!

Our family just wants to let our City of Leoti employees, under the very capable surpervision of Mr. Curtis Kreutzer, know that we are EXTREMELY appreciative of all of their outstanding work that they put out last week doing post-blizzard clean-up.

Over the past couple of days, we have gone to other Western Kansas towns for various bits of business. We were stunned to see that none of the towns we went through came anywhere close to matching how well our city streets and dirt roads have been maintained. In the two towns we drove in for awhile, we just about high centered several times and had difficulty getting out of deep holes in the ice. Our van probably needs its tires re-aligned now. Not always in recent years, have the crews scraped off the center snowdrift that was left after scrapers cleaned the lanes on either side. This has really driven me even nuttier than I already am. LOL! Not only is this a menace but once the daytime temperatures rise and allow melting of the snow barrier, the night's freezing temps appear and the melted snow turns to solid sheets of ice. Again, another dangerous situation. This has not been an issue in Leoti. Our Main and Broadway Streets are very clear. Go to other nearby towns in Western Kansas and you'll see that our main streets are the best around! Even side streets and dirt roads are in wonderful condition!

Our crew went to work soon after the snow began to drift in Leoti last Monday. They worked 24 hours a day until our streets and roads were safe and easily maneuverable. M-A-N-Y people who live in Leoti are very proud of all of the work that was done. THANK YOU!!!


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