Saturday, December 17, 2011

Paint Swap

Over and over again, you have seen me post about various paint projects I have had. As a result of that, it seems that I usually have an excess of paint in our storage. I got to thinking that since I know that I am not the only person who has paint cans lying around, maybe we could offer what we have to others. Right now, I have a practically full gallon can of interior blue paint. It is about the same color as denim. Not long ago, I gave some other paint away. I'll try to dig deeper today and see what else I might have that you might want. If you have any cans of paint you want to get rid of, please send me an email to . If you want me to post it on my blog, I can either post your phone number, if you want me to, or else I will leave directions for them to send details to me. Once I get it, I will forward it on to you.

This is just a small thing that we can do to keep waste from just building up. By trading paint out, someone can take the paint that we no longer need, and use it for themselves.

We don't need to stop at just swapping paint. If you have furniture, clothes, books, artwork, toys, curtains or other window coverings, rugs, carpet, etc that you would like to swap, sell or give away, please send your email to my same email address that I just mentioned.


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