Friday, December 16, 2011

Thank You

We just want to thank the people of Leoti for all that you are doing to add Christmas spirit to our town. The City of Leoti re-hung the Main Street and Broadway Christmas lights. This has alwaus been such a thrill for little kids. I have not been feeling well for quite some time so I have not been able to take too many tours of town to see all that Leotians have offered, but what I have seen, has just been beautiful!

For the past couple of years, our family has looked forward to parking at the Ellis and Janice Rewerts home so that we could see their lights dance to music of Christmas songs. Just in case you have not seen this yet, go to the former junior high school and turn south. Their house is located just 2 blocks away (one block south of the Methodist Church). They have posted a sign in their front yard that tells you what radio station you can go to in order to be able to hear the songs.

Other places you just have to see at night are the Kyle and Heather (Harkness) Leimkuhler house on the 900 block of North Third Street. Matt and Marti (Lewis) Engel have also gone all out this year. I cannot begin to tell you where all of the hot spots are this year. There's a bunch. Just get out some evening and take a look around town.

My pain got to th point today that I couldn't take it anymore so Leif and Leighlyn took me to the hospital. I had a couple of shots and bought some steroids for the next few days. Soon I should be much better and ready to go ut and see more of the town all lit up to welcome Santa Claus here.

The Wichita County Schools begin their Christmas Vacation tomorrow. Please remember that it is very likely that more children will be out and about for the next couple of weeks. Please use care when you're driving. Thank you!!!


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