Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Tough and Sad Week

Ordinarily, I go months without attending a single funeral or memorial service. That is just fine with me. This week is different though. On Monday, I said good-bye to one of my very favorite aunts. Though she had not legally been a part of our family for 40 years, my love for her had never died and never will. I have very fond memories of her.

On Christmas, a lady whom I also thought highly of, also passed away. Today, I say good-bye to her. I imagine that I probably knew her most of my life. When I was in high school, I dated her oldest son and was able to forge a bond with her. Years later, we worked together at a local grocery store. Last December, she and her husband celebrated their golden wedding anniversary. I am sooo happy that they had a lovely celebration for their family and friends to be a part of. Though we were invited to attend, one of us was sick making this an impossibility. After that, I met Emma several times and we did what we did best--visit and laugh. I will miss those times tremendously.

I don't believe that there is ever "a good time" to lose a loved one. Having to do this during December must be as bad a time as humanly possible. From this time forward, the Christmas season will never be the same for anyone who has had to go through this. These people left behind require more prayers than others who lose their people at any other time of the year.

So anyway, I am hoping that after today, it will be many months before I have to attend another final good-bye service for a relative or friend.

Rest in peace, Aunt Pauline and Emma. We already miss you.


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