Saturday, December 3, 2011

I'm Baaack!

As I told you earlier this week, it would be awhile before I would be writing on my blog. I decided to move our computer armoire from our living room to our bedroom. Though there was not much distance involved, LOL, Stan did not have time to move it down our hallway and into our bedroom until just this afternoon. And, you know me! I have N~O patience and since I needed to finish painting behind the armoire, I just pushed it into our dining room. I think that this is just where we should have had our computer all along. For one thing, it took up space where it was but most importantly, while we are spending time in the living room, we'll all be doing the same thing instead of one of us messing on the internet. Given the fact that I am starting to write again, it'll be best to have it in the bedroom where it will be more quiet.

So while I've been off of here, I have been quite busy. One day was needed to finsh the second coat of paint. Another couple of days was needed for compiling my court reporting information that I needed to get in to the credit bureau. In other words, I have been busy since we last spoke on here.

There were a lot of us at the WCHS Aunditorium on Thursday evening in honor of the elementary school's Christmas music program. To sum it up in one 10-lettered word, I would choose D-E-L-I-G-H-T-F-U-L to describe the entertainment that we received that evening. Mr. Allen Brockmeier and Mrs. Jayme Brown-Bishop are outstanding musicians who are doing so well with the youth of Wichita County. It was just perfect for getting the audience into the Christmas mood!

There have been some changes in recent years to our elementary school Christmas programs. Back before the dinosaurs completely left Wichita County, I was an 8th grader here. At that time and for many years later, the junior high program was always seen during the afternoon of the last day of school before Christmas vacation began. To this day, I have no idea why this was a normal occurance. Many working parents, grandparents, etc were not able to attend this program because it was held during the normal work day. Now things are MUCH better. The junior high and the high school students entertain all of us on the same evening every year. Formerly, the elementary and junior high audiences sat on less-than-comfy metal cheers in the grade school and junior high gymnasiums. Now, the Christmas and Spring programs are always held in the high school auditorium where the seats are very comfortable and the acquostics are much better.

Please don't miss the high school and junior high Christmas program on Tuesday, December 6th, at 7:00. This will be the first year that one music director will be in charge of both, the instrumental and the vocal, departments. Mr. Brockmeier will be the director and I am quite confident that this will be a stellar performance just like Wichita County has been known for the past few decades. As always, EVERYONE is invited to attend. There is no cost.

Getting into the Christmas mood is really easy today. During the night, we began receiving some freezing drizzle. After that, rain developed following by very heavy snow. Stan had to drive his truck in the storm thiss morning. He said that the snow was so wet that it was difficult to keep his windshield clean. That moisture is just what we need around here though. Thank You, God!!! During the day, snow fell off and on, winds blew once in awhile which caused some good-sized drifts. For less than a hour this afternoon, we lost all electricity. There was no reason to fret. We have an outstanding crew for Wheatland Electric. Thank you, Wheatland, for getting out there and making repairs when the rest of us preferred to stay at home where it was nice and warm!

I will not be doing much writing on my blog late next week. Stan will be taking me to meet with my neurologist on Thursday. While we are there, a battery of tests will be done to determine what it is going on with me. On Friday, Stan will take me to my cardiologist for that appointment also. At one point on those days, I will have a CT Scan from the top of my head to my knees. I need to have these every two years to look for new aneurisyms. I had one in my heart in 2002. The surgeon was able to remove it and replace it with a mechanical heart valve and tubing before the aneurisym ruptured which could have been deadly.

Well I need to get up and get busy so I better close for now. I wish you all a lovely winter weekend!


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