Saturday, January 15, 2011

Future Comments

Today has been a day of anger, sadness and dismay at the hands of the people who read my blog and leave negative comments. Though I had thought of the majority of the people who read my blog as my friends, I now realize just how totally wrong I really was. Some of you are downright bloodthirsty.

You attacked me and my family. You even spoke total untruths about my daughters who mean the world to me. Saying what you did, did not only hurt and anger me, it also deeply hurt other people in my life. As a result of all of this, no one will be allowed to leave any kind of comment on this blog. If you want to go out and spew your untruths, your venom on others, go to other blogs. Better yet, why don't use enact your own blog so that others can come along and blast your writings with anger and hatred. I could say that I will do the same to yours as you did mine, but I refuse to lower myself to your level. I am the kind of person who believes in principals and morals. I detest seeing others hurt people. How that can be fun or pleasuarble in any way, shape or form, is totally beyond my comprehension. I've always heard and believed that there is no person out there who is capable of such cruelty than a child. Now, I wonder just how accurate that really is. For an adult to say anything so detrimental about children is just plain SICK!!!

Honestly, I have always enjoyed, to a certain degree, all of the comments that you have made to me via my blog. From now on, if you want to say something either for or against my writings, HAVE SOME GUTS!!! Send me an email, call me or come over and talk to me about it. It is sooo easy for me to read your comments of ridicule, feel piercing pain in my heart from what you wrote and yet have no idea who it is that thinks so very little of me. By dumping my ability to receive comments on my blog, I am leveling out the playing field. will have to face me directly to scorn me. Doesn't that sound a whole lot fairer to everyone concerned???

My contact information is always listed on my blog. You can email me at OR call me at 620-375-4584 or 620-376-8922.

I wholeheartedly expect and welcome those of you who think so little of me and my blog to discontinue coming to my blog. GREAT!!! Believe me, I will not miss you here!!! I only want the people who enjoy my blog and my character to continue reading what I write. My blog has allowed a good number of you and I to become friends that I otherwise would never have gotten to know otherwise. I am soooo thankful for you!!!!!!



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