Friday, November 27, 2009

Additional information for the family across the street...

I CANNOT tell you how many tears have flooded my eyes today!!! In this case, that is a good thing! As you know, I mentioned what a tough time our neighbors are having since their husband/daddy was killed in a car accident. One friend told me that the Leoti Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts are gathering stocking stuffers for the three kids. Another lady is going to request that her 4-Hers start gathering gifts. Then earlier this evening, a dear friend of mine callled me to let me know that she and her husband are giving the family a bunkbed WITH MATTRESSES!!! No longer will these little ones be forced to sleep on a cold hard floor!

Who says that our world's inhabitants are all stuck in selfish gear??? This is proof positive to me that Leoti, at least, still has some outstanding people here who are doing their best to help less fortunate people.

God bless each and every one of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. i also trying to help we are also going thru ruff times but my self and kids are gathering up things to take there i know what she is going thru as i lost my late hubby in 2000 and son was only 8 and daughter was on 5 and i had no help and insurance. so i feel they help me people did in the past so i am trying to. as people who know me i try to help others i think of my kids first and others then self. she is very greatful not understand much english but when seen her on street she always wavy at me and polite i think she be happy this christmas as people will be helping them thanks


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