Sunday, November 15, 2009


My family and I have just discovered a terrific new game that anyone, 6-years-old or older, can play. However, I think that anyone with eyesight should be able to participate. Very minimal reading is required so as long as one reader is available, anyone should be able to participate. Two or more players are necesary. Parker Brothers is the manufacturer.

Our 7-year-old has never been this excited about a board game!

Each game is supplied with 9 reversible playing tiles, 1 dice, 1 color cube, and 3 decks of cards that show you the pictures that you are to look for on the tiles. A sand timer is also needed which is included in the game.

This is great entertainment for people of all ages and reading levels.

A nationally well-known store in Garden City is selling it for $15.00. Unlike some board games that literally take HOURS to completely play just one game, this one takes much less time to complete. We just keep playing it over and over again! I would describe it as being a Scavenger Hunt that people play while sitting down. It would be a great gift for any occassion!!!


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