Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Devastating and Deadly Accident

In a town the size of Leoti, it often seems as if we know everybody. However, today, I now realize that just is not the case. One of our our neighbors who just lived across the street from us was killed last night and I don't even know his name!!!

From what I understand now, he worked in Greeley County and was on his way home last evening. He pulled to the side of the highway and got out of the vehicle. A semitruck was right behind him. Somehow, the truck and the man collided. Of course, the man didn't stand much of a chance.

I would guess that he was around 30-years-old. During the Summer, we noticed that practically every Friday and Saturday evening, a BUNCH of men congregated at his house to do nothing more than just enjoy each other's company and to do ALOT of laughing. They had so much fun with each other. Late in the Summer he found a lady friend and her child who seemed to bring even more joy into his life. It was so refreshing to watch them in action! They held hands alot, visited and laughed very often. Stan and I had spoken on how happy we were that they appeared to be in so much love. It was very special! Once the lady was in his life, we saw less and less of his bachelor parties.

I will keep you updated on his obituary when it is available. If you wish to donate food etc., they live in a small blue house just to the northwest of us. Their physical address would be 706 North Second Street. Judging by the amount of vehicles at their house, I am sure that they would appreciate any food, etc that you might want to offer.



  1. yea lynn. i lived in leoti almost 10 years now and i do not know every one.

  2. Yeppers! I've been jolted in to realization now that Leoti is not so small that we can know everyone after all. Maybe, people like me need to get out there and open our hearts to more people. Oftimes, I have heard other Wichita Countians complain that the pre-existant citizens were a bit less than friendly. That is something that we should try to improve upon if we really want new people to move here. Huh???


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