Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Dennis and Susan Elder--11/09/09

It is always so nice to hear from Susan! No matter what they are or have gone through, she is ALWAYS so full of thankfulness, faith and inspiration! It is so very refreshing!

Dennis and Susan are thankful that Fall Harvest is moving right along! They're hoping that everyone's grain is safe in the bins soon. They are sooo thankful for everyone who helped them with their farming this year since they were unable to be here to do it themselves!

Dennis is doing pretty well now. Last week was not-so-good as he had worse pain than was anticipated at this time. His spirits are up and he is now fishing with friends again! He is eating pretty well also. Now that the pain is better, they will start walking more than before.

They so enjoy and love your updates through phone calls, letters, cards, email, etc.! Keep them going to them!

They enjoyed getting to watch a family of wild pigs that went to visit their home last week! One evening after that, one of the pigs came back to their house to get a drink of water. After their dogs were sprayed with goody-goody skunk juice as Daddy called it, they are now catching the skunks that come to their house with tuna. Then, a friends takes them elsewhere and lets them go.

Dennis and Susan wish to pass their thankfulness on to veterans of now and then who have or are giving their all to keep us safe!


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