Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Amazing, shocking and irritating occurence

This morning I felt amazed, shocked and irritated all rolled up in one situation.

As I've mentioned before, one of Leoti's school bus stops is located at our house. Most of the kids who board the bus here, come inside first where they wait for the bus to arrive. This morning, one of the kids accidentally left her day-planner on our foyer table. She called to make sure that she had left it here. I told her that I would take it to the high school for her.

The amazing thing is that I actually got to school BEFORE the tardy bell rang! That was not always the case when I went to school in the dark ages...

Keep in mind that not only do high school students attend school there but so do 7th and 8th graders. (That is not normally the case but since the new school buildings will be constructed soon, it was decided that 6th graders would go to the grade school and the rest would be in the high school.) Even with extra grades at the high school, the student population was TINY in comparison to when I went to school here. (I graduated in 1980.) I am hoping that once the new buildings are in place, that our school numbers will increase. Even though Leoti is known for it's excellence in teachers and staff, some people who were looking for a new county to set down roots, have actually gone elsewhere because of the condition of the grade school. That is such a shame, in MY opinion.

NOW, for the irritating part of this morning's experience. I was driving down the east -west road, West "H" Street, where the Wichita County Schools' bus barn is located. I was driving about 25 mph which is not above the posted speed limit of 30 mph in that area. However, when I reached N. Wyoming Street, (the street between the Junior High and Christ Covenant Church), I was practically hit by a vehicle coming down that street. The driver is a student at the high school. Though I really like the boy's parents, uncles, aunts, etc., none of them escaped genes that FORCE them do drive way above the speed limit!!! (Maybe if speeding tickets were issued to a few of them, they'd manage to put a little less weight on their gas pedals when they are driving!) I am going to guess that he was driving at a speed between 45 and 50 mph!!!!!!!!! Way too fast ESPECIALLY in a school zone!!! As soon as he saw me, he had to screech his brakes and his vehicle actually slid sideways! I proceeded down the street. He got behind me. Maybe I shouldn't have, but I slowed down to 10 mph until I came to the Handicapped parking place where I parked. (Yes, I have a lifetime plackard.) That forced him to follow me at that speed.

After I left the high school, I had to get to work at the Seaboard Mill. When I returned home, I made phone calls to the School Board Office and the Sheriff's Office to make complaints about this young man. Next year, it is planned that ALL students will be going to school at either the high school or the dome schools just across the street. I just WILL NOT tolerate these idiots who put our children's lives into peril!!!

And, honestly, I cannot ever remember being in such a toot to get to school!!! LOL!



  1. This is very common. As we went home yesterday the cross lady was in the middle of the street with her stop sign up as soon as the children was on the other side a lady buzzed through with out the stop sign down. I'm sure this is not legual but with no cops around whos to know. By the way this lady is from Leoti I'm sure cause I've seen her around. I really don't know why everyones in such a big hurry to get anywhere. And if so leave a little earlier.Beleive me if I know who you are I will call the cops and protest.

  2. i seen this happen also. and have heard alot of complaints about this.i notice when the cops are out the kids and people obey the laws. i do and wish people would respect that. as i have 3 children my self in high times my kids get rides and walk so do worry about this. please people watch out for our children, think? if your kids were going to school what would you think?


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