Sunday, November 15, 2009

Scavenger Hunt Memory...

A year or so ago this month, my sister, Lori, and my brudder-in-law, Leif Christensen, were married. It was a wonderful moment in our family's life! Anyone who knows Leif, knows that we were so very fortunate to have caught him! He's a real keeper!!!

The evening before their wedding, we had a boy-girl scavengar hunt. It was so very KOOL!!! The boys' team consisted of Leif, my hubby, Stan, my other great brother-in-law, Rob Carson, my cousin, Dennis Elder, Mark Jones, Stan's brother, Ron, and our son, Adam. The girls' team was Lori, Lona Sue, our cousin, Susan Elder, Lori's friend, Paula, Rob's sister, Pam, Ron's wife, Pam, and myself.

We all met at Rob and Lona Sue's house where we seperated and went in to seperate vehicles. The girls had previously hidden certain items around Leoti. The boys had done the same for us. Each team was given the list of items that must be retrieved. For hours, the two teams spread all over town looking for their treasures. I don't remember who won but I do remember that it was GREAT fun!!! As a matter-of-fact, I'd be willing to do it all over again!!! I think that it is funner to do it after dark when it is spookier outside when you get out of your vehicle to look in certain areas.

Give it a try sometime! It's a REAL hoot!!!


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