Thursday, November 26, 2009

A request for help.

This morning, I spoke with one of our very best friends. She told me that our neighbors who lost their husband/daddy a couple of weeks ago are really struggling, not only emotionally but financially, etc. The survivors include a mother who speaks very little English, a 6-month-old baby and two preschool-aged children-- a girl and a boy.

Since her husband's untimely death, she has tried very unsuccessfully to find employment in Leoti. They do not want welfare! However, since her knowledge of the English language is very minimal, she has not been able to even find a part-time job. If you are interested in hiring someone to clean your house, etc., could you please let me know? We have friends who can translate your instructions to her in Spanish.

They came to Leoti with their clothes and a baby bed--little else. Since their move here, they have been able to find living room furniture. Their older children are having to sleep on the cold floor. If you have any bed that you are willing to sell for a small amount, please let me know. I doubt if there is enough room in their house for anything larger than a full-sized bed. A twin-sized bed would be great for them! At least, they wouldn't have to sleep on the floor anymore. We have plenty good bedding for their bed that we will give to them.

To top everything off, Christmas is just a few weeks away now. With no money coming into the household, it is doubtful that any presents will appear under their Christmas tree. If you can help with the purchase of toys, etc, PLEASE let me know. Fortunately, Dollar General is right here in town. Linda has brought in a nice selection of inexpensive toys.

Please call me at 375-4584 or email me at

Christmas is all about giving...


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