Friday, November 13, 2009

Have you noticed???

Have you seen these HUGE truckloads headed down the highways around here? They're the ones that are just barely moving, they have pilot cars in front and behind them along with EXTRA trucks behind them! The trucks that follow them are actually CONNECTED to the truck in front of them. Why, you ask? The load is so very heavy that the truck behind must push the truck to get it to move. The two truckdrivers have to shift in unison all the way down the highway or else the load comes to a dead stop! The cargo is completely covered with plywood so that whatever is inside is kept confidential. They are headed to Houston, Texas from Canada. One lady told me today that she hopes that the State Police are aware of what hides behind the plywood skin. These days, it is understandable why people would fear these loads. My sister, Lori, told me that she has wondered if it is equipment that NASA may have had built. Chances are that we will probably never know.

Even the people who are transporting these massive loads have no idea what they are moving down the highways. All that they know is that whoever owns these products gives them a very detailed list of where they are to travel, when and where to stop for the night, when to leave the following day and then, under no circumstances, are they to travel more than 200 miles per day. They usually just move down Highway 83 which is the highway that goes north-south from Scott City which is 24 miles straight east of Leoti. Then, why are we seeing them in Leoti? It is because Garden City is under major road construction just north of town. A bi-pass is being put in. In order to by-pass all of that, the trucks turn west at Scott City, turn south at Leoti where they continue until they make the turn eastward which will take them to Sublette. At that point, they turn south and then continue going southward until they reach Houston.

Today, I spoke with some people who have actually met these trucks face to face. The ongoing traffic must pull off of the highway so that the truck has enough room to move on down the road. One couple told me that their left side of their personal vehicle was on the white line of the highway. If you ever find yourself behind one of these rigs, be prepared for a long ride. These trucks are not capable of driving over 40 mph because of the weight and the width of the trucks.


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